Activity Mats **FREE Download!**

You guys, the packet I am about to show you is easily one of my favorites! Greyson has been playing with it multiple times a day this whole week. It has kept him entertained for at least a full hour TWICE a day. Greyson loves the many different components to these activity mats.

Preschool Activity Mats

Greyson has been using Play-doh, dry erase markers and counting bears for these mats. However, the possibilities are really endless. Instead of play-doh your child can use stickers, or just color in the numbers. Instead of counting bears you can use blocks, or cheerios, or ANYTHING that you have multiples of.

Here is a photo timeline of how we did the activity mats:

Table setup

When Greyson woke up from his nap, this was displayed on his play table.  He always gets excited when he wakes up and there is a full activity ready for him.

Paly doh snake

Greyson used his “machine” to make a play-doh snake.

Playdoh 6

I cannot for the life of me get this picture turned, but his is the number 6 shape Greyson made out of his play-doh snake.

writing 6

Writing his numbers. We are still working on getting the correct “grip”

matching six

Finding and placing the correct word.

writing six

Writing the full number word. *MUCH better grip, buddy!!*

counting out bears

Counting out six bears.

completed matHis final masterpiece!!

You can download the full packet numbers 0-9 right HERE!!


Make sure you check out my awesome Homemade Playdoh Recipe!

would love to know if you use these, and if they are enjoyed.

Also, is anyone interested in an activity mat geared towards younger toddlers / preschoolers?



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18 thoughts on “Activity Mats **FREE Download!**

  1. Those mats look fantastic! My daughter doesn’t have the motor skills for them yet (although I’ll try one out to see if she can do any finger tracing), but I’ll definitely pin them for later. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. What age is your son in the pics using these mats? And what age are you talking about for the toddlers and younger preschoolers that you are going to make some more mats for? Any idea when you might have them posted? Sometimes I have a hard time figuring where my two little ones shoud fall!! Thanks!

    • Greyson is nearly 4 years old. He turns four on October 31st.

      As far as a younger aged mat I am hoping to have those next week to everyone. They will be geared towards children who are not ready to start learning sight words. Maybe they are just starting to practice easy writing skills, and are still working on counting.

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  5. Just wanted you to know that I pinned these mats on Pinterest the day you posted them, and today my account is blowing up with repins!

    I would love to see the mats for younger children. I homeschool my five children, including ages 17 months, three, and nearly five. I actually thing my VERY kinesthetic nine-year-old would like these mats.

    I’m a newbie blogger…feel free to stop by my little spot on the web sometime. I’ll be posting about all our apple/Johnny Appleseed activities, soon!

    ~ Brandi ~

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