Lego Duplo Alphabet – Free Printable!!


The long awaited and requested Lego Duplo Alphabet edition. A while ago I posted about the
Lego Dulpo number  cards.  Well today I am back to share with you a full set of FREE printable alphabet cards! This won’t be a long post, I will get right to the point!

(Click the image above to download. Or you can click HERE)
In this set you will get the full alphabet. These are sized at 5 x 7 (just like the number cards.). They are not clip-art images. They are actual images of the Lego Duplo creations.
I tested each letter before photographing it. I tested it by asking Greyson if he knew what it was. There were a few that required me to go back to the drawing board, but in the end we go them all! :)
You can go HERE to see how I store all of our Lego cards, and Lego sets.
As always, I hope you and your little one(s) enjoy these! If you do I would love for you to follow along with me!!
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20 thoughts on “Lego Duplo Alphabet – Free Printable!!

  1. I have tried several times to get to the Alphabet cards by clicking through several links on your page. I get to the page but it won’t load. Is there a problem? I have posted this page to my facebook to share so I hope my friends can get to it.

  2. Hi! my students loved your number lego cards last year and was just about to print these, but for some reason they are not coming up at 5X7, they are taking up the entire sheet of paper. Is there a smaller version or a way to make them smaller? Ink is hard to come by in my school and don’t want to use it all up printing out 26 colored pages! thanks!!

    • Hi, Jessica!

      I am so happy your students like the Lego cards. I triple checked and the PDF’s are 5×7″. It could be possible that your printer settings are st to “fit to page”. There should be a little check box to un-check that option If that is the case the preview image will show it decrease to the original 5×7″ size. Please let me know if this helps, or if you are still experiencing problems.


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